Dog Behavior – Fear Of Being Left Alone

Dog Behavior – Fear Of Being Left Alone

A good number of dogs suffer from separation anxiety, particularly those that develop fear from being left home alone throughout the day. These dogs tend to develop destructive behavior as soon as their owners go out the door. They may also engage in excessive vocalization and commit potty accidents.

Fortunately, there are steps that can be undertaken by the pet owner to help ease a dog’s fears of being left alone. Some of these include not making a big deal before leaving the house and when returning home. Staying low-key during these times is very important. Another way to deal with the problem is desensitization. It’s a process of helping a dog who suffers from separation anxiety get used to being left home alone.

Your veterinarian Leesburg, VA can also offer valuable tips on helping your dog overcome his fear of being left home alone.


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