Causes for Gingivitis in Bombay Cats

Causes for Gingivitis in Bombay Cats

Gingivitis is a gum disease that is common in cats. It can occur in Bombay cats for a variety of reasons. The main reasons; however, are generally due to underlying illness or pre-existing condition. Sometimes not brushing your cat’s teeth can lead to gingivitis. This gum disease is a preventable and a treatable. Some vets recommend at home teeth brushing or professional teeth cleaning for cats to help fight the disease. Gingivitis can also occur due to old age, crooked teeth, crowded teeth, soft food, breathing through the mouth, bad chewing habits, uremia and diabetes, autoimmune diseases, FeLV (Feline Leukemia), and FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus). Keeping your Bombay cat on a routine teeth cleaning program can be of great help. You may also want to talk with your skilled veterinary clinic Indianapolis IN to learn more about gingivitis and possible treatments and medication available for your Bombay.


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