Fleas and Your Dog

Image result for Fleas and Your Dog

With the warm weather upon us, so come the fleas. If fleas infest your dog, he could scratch so intensely that wounds form that can easily become infected. Fleas can also transmit a number of dangerous and deadly diseases. Keep your yard clean and trim since fleas will hide in shrubs and tall grasses. They can jump onto your dog as he brushes by or even come into your home on your clothing. Treat your dog with a flea prevention medication monthly. Consider treating your dog all year round since just a few warm days can cause fleas to become active. Follow all package instructions and use the proper medication for the size of your dog. And be sure the medication kills both adult fleas and their eggs for best results. Vacuum your home often and wash cloth objects in your home in hot water to prevent infestation. Learn more from your Greensboro, NC veterinary clinic.

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