Choosing Cat Toys

Toys can be used to play and bond with your cat. They also encourage mental stimulation and exercise. Always use toys when playing with your cat to protect yourself from getting scratched or bitten by an overly excited cat. Choose toys that stimulate your cat’s hunting instincts. A ball, laser pointer or fishing rod toy with a feather lure can entice your cat to chase, pounce and jump. Felt and cloth mice or squeaky toys make great prey for your cat to attack. An empty box or bag makes a great lair to ambush passing prey even if it is a squeaky toy. Puzzle toys are particularly stimulating since they require your cat to work out specific movements to get to a hidden food treat inside. Watch your cat and you will see she has favorite toys and toy types. Catnip will amp up the level of play too. Learn more from your Plano, TX veterinary clinic. Or visit this website.


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