Walking your dog in the summer

Owner walking with Golden Retriever dog together in park

Your dog loves taking walks around your neighborhood, and you also look forward to this time spent together. However, you know that there are plenty of things you should check out prior to heading out the door in order to keep your pet safe.

Be aware of the weather in your area, and adjust your plans if need be. This means shortening a walk on a very warm day, or stopping more frequently for breaks. Consider where you are walking, and possibly opt for a lower intensity route. You may need to offer your pet some booties or postpone your walk until later in the day when it is cooler if hot asphalt is an issue in your area. Let your pet cool off with some water when he needs to, and pay attention to his behavior to determine if he has had enough fun in the sun. Your local Fort Collins, CO vet clinic can offer additional advice. Visit their homepage to know more.


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