Treating Gingivitis in Affenpinschers

Treating Gingivitis in Affenpinschers

Research shows that over 80 percent of pets (including Affenpinschers) three years and older will most likely develop some form of gingivitis in their lifetime. If you suspect gingivitis in your Affenpinscher, check for the following symptoms: red or swollen gums, inflammation, and irritated gums. Inflammation is especially present on the side of the gums facing the inner cheek. Call your vet to schedule an exam. If your vet concludes your Affenpinscher has gingivitis then you should start taking steps to help fight the disease. For instance, try brushing your Affenpinscher’s teeth at home on a regular basis. You should also schedule more frequent professional teeth cleanings with your vet. Other steps to take towards treating and reversing gingivitis include the possible removal of overcrowded teeth or baby teeth that are present in your adult Affenpinscher. If your Affenpinscher responds well to initial treatment, your vet Lansing, MI may recommend cleanings every six months. Visit website to know more.


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