Watery Eyes in Affenpinschers


Did you know that watery or weepy eyes in your canine friends, including Affenpinschers, are not all that uncommon? If your Affenpinscher’s eyes are watery or you see a yellow or green discharge coming from the eye then call your vet. You may also want to check your dog’s eyes for any debris or objects stuck in the eye. If approved by your vet, try flushing your dog’s eye with fresh water or eyewash specifically designed for dogs. If there’s no debris in the eye and the eye doesn’t appear to be injured, your dog may have allergies, an abnormal eyelash growth, or even blocked tear ducts. In any case, your vet Moorpark, CA may advise you what to do or recommend that you bring your dog in to the office for an exam. In addition, keep a close watch over your dog to ensure no other symptoms develop.


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