Dog Park Etiquette

Dog Park Etiquette

Dog parks allow your dog to get some exercise while socializing with other dogs. However, the dog park isn’t a place to just let your dog run loose. Ensure that your dog knows basic obedience commands so you can get him under control quickly. Be prepared to follow the posted rules of the dog park. The park should have separate areas for large and small dogs. Choose the appropriate area for your dog. Don’t hover while your dog plays but watch for bullying behavior. This could include aggression or fighting but chasing and mounting is also unpleasant. Take action or leave if your dog is the bully. If your dog is the victim of bullying, call him to you and ask the bully’s owner to manage that dog’s behavior. Playtime at the dog park is supposed to be fun. And don’t forget to clean up after your dog. Learn more from your vet Lafayette LA.


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