Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears

Your dog’s ears are somewhat self-maintaining so you may only need to clean them several times a month. However, you should examine your dog’s ears regularly for cuts or scratches and signs of infection such as redness, swelling, excessive or dark discharge, and a bad odor. These conditions may require medical care. Start when your dog is young so this grooming task becomes routine. Use a dog-safe ear rinse to clean your dog’s ears. Pour a little of this fluid into the ears and use the earflaps to distribute it and loosen debris. Use cotton balls to clean and dry the ears. You can use cotton swabs but don’t reach in any further than you can see so you don’t damage the ear canal. Change the cotton frequently. Use the cotton in one ear only so you don’t cross-contaminate the other one. Learn more from your East Indianapolis, IN veterinary clinic. Or click this site:


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