Spraying In Cats

Both male and female cats can engage in spraying. It’s a natural feline behavior that is normally used as an avenue of communication among cats. Spraying is usually done against vertical surfaces; the cat backs up to the wall, while extending and twitching his tail rapidly.

While it’s a normal feline behavior, it is one that is undesirable. Fortunately, there are ways to deal successfully with the problem. Your first stop should be the vet clinic. It’s important to determine if the behavior is caused by an underlying health problem so the best course of action can be undertaken.

A cat that is spraying assumes a different posture to when they’re peeing or suffering from a urinary tract problem. In the latter, voiding of urine is usually done on horizontal surfaces.

Urinary tract problems are usually painful; the combination of inflammation, infection, and crystals can be deadly especially for male cats because the diameter of their urethra is small. These cases require prompt attention from your best pet clinic Sugar Land, TX.


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