Feather Loss In Pet Birds

Birds lose feathers in a process called “molting”.  It’s a normal physiological process that gets rid of the old feathers to make way for the growth of new feathers. If your pet is molting, you will find that the area near the cage and the floor are littered with feathers and little bits of keratin which are actually the feather sheaths that have burst open as the new feathers emerge.

Molting is triggered in response to changes in the season and the hormones produced by the body.  In their natural habitat, molting typically occurs right after the nesting season or just before birds migrate before the cold sets in. It is a process that takes up a lot of energy, considering that new feathers have to be produced to replace old feathers.

When feathers get damaged, they cannot be repaired because they are made of keratin, a type of structural protein. This is the same type of protein that fingernails are made of.

Your Sugar Land, TX veterinarian can offer valuable information about what you can do to ensure that your pet’s molting won’t have a drastic effect on their health and wellbeing. To know more, click this website Stafford Oaks Veterinary Hospital.


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