Does my Tonkinese cat need a Dental Exam?

If your Tonkinese cat is having trouble with her gums or teeth give your vet a call and schedule a checkup. You should especially notify your vet if your cat is having trouble chewing or eating, has bad breath, or appears to have swollen gums. These signs could be an indication of gingivitis or other periodontal illnesses. Your vet will need to conduct a physical exam in order to determine a cause of the symptoms. If the symptoms are teeth or gum related then your vet may suggest scheduling a separate dental exam. During the dental exam your Tonkinese cat will be sedated so that the vet can thoroughly check her teeth and gums for plaque, bacteria, etc. Your vet may take this opportunity to scrape plaque or calculus build-up from the teeth, pull rotted teeth and polish the teeth. Consult with your vet care Thorold, ON.


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