Teaching Your Pet Mouse to Stand Up and Beg

Teaching Your Pet Mouse to Stand Up and Beg

Mice are very intelligent and can be taught a number of fun tricks. Teaching your pet mouse to stand up and beg is a fun beginner trick. You will need to use a food treat to reward your mouse throughout his training. Unsweetened loop oat cereal makes a good training reward. Check that your mouse is comfortable with you and is at ease when handled. Hold the food treat in front of your mouse to get his attention. Raise it up and over his head so stands on his hind legs to follow it. Say the UP command. As soon as your mouse approximates standing up, give him the treat. Practice this often and over time get more particular on the begging position and the time your mouse holds the position before you give him the treat. Most importantly, have fun and be kind while training your mouse. Contact your vet Marietta, GA to learn more.


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