Does My Pomeranian Need to be Groomed Regularly?

Grooming, in general, can include nail trimming, brushing, bathing, teeth cleaning and hair cutting. Consult your vet for grooming tips for your Pomeranian. The amount of grooming your dog requires is largely based on his breed. A Pomeranian should be brushed almost daily because of his thick coat, which consists of a second under coat. Other dogs may need occasional brushing to help control shedding. In general, brush your dog every other day. Routinely check his teeth and gums. Also, check his nails weekly to determine if trimming is needed. Consult with your vet about a bath schedule. Some breeds require routine baths while over bathing could dry out the skin of other breeds. If you choose to go to a professional groomer, stick with their recommended grooming and schedule when possible.  For more details, tips, and suggestions, give your veterinary clinic North Phoenix, AZ a call. Or click this link:


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