Does My Sphynx Need a Collar?

Have you noticed that more dogs than cats wear collars? Despite this, cats like your Sphynx need to wear collars too. One of the primary reasons for a cat to wear a collar is for identification purposes. When shopping for a collar, it’s important to know the differences between a cat collar and a dog collar. Unlike dogs, cats tend to move around in tight spaces and climb things like trees and fences. Most cat collars are designed with a break-away clasp or a stretchy material that allows the cat to get out of the collar if he gets stuck. Keep in mind your cat’s environment when picking out a collar as well. If your cat spends most of his time outdoors, buying a shiny jeweled collar may not be a good idea. Above all, make sure the fit is comfortable and safe. Talk with your veterinary clinic North Phoenix, AZ for more tips.


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