Life Stage Diets and Your Cat

Life Stage Diets and Your Cat

Most cat food manufacturers offer foods that are formulated to meet your cat’s needs during different stages of her life. Kitten food has the extra protein your kitten needs for her growing brain, muscles and bones. However, kitten food has too much fat for your cat once she reaches about one year of age. Thus you need to switch over to an adult food. This will be the correct formula food for most of your cat’s life. Once she starts showing signs of aging such as mobility or digestive issues, you may want to consider switch to a mature or senior formula cat food. There are other foods available for specific issues your cat may experience such as weight control, hairball control, urinary support, and the like. Some foods are only available by prescription. Change foods gradually over about a week so your cat doesn’t experience digestive issues. For more information, contact your trustworthy veterinarians Marietta GA.


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