How To Prevent Your Cat From Getting Hairballs

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Older cats are more prone to hairball formation than kittens. Their grooming skills are already well-developed, which can significantly increase the chance for hairballs. Although grooming may be a natural behavior of cats, there are ways to reduce the amount of hair that can be swallowed by the cat.

One way to do it is to brush and bathe your kitty regularly. It’s important for kittens to get used to being brushed and bathe while they are still very young so they will learn to tolerate the process.

Use a wire brush to brush your cat’s hair. But if the coat is thick and matted, a slicker will come in handy. Brushing removes dead and loose hair before your cat can ingest them during self-grooming. Daily grooming sessions are also excellent opportunities to bond with your pet, while allowing you to closely check your pet’s body for any abnormalities. Any lumps, bumps, or presence of parasites should be reported to your Cy-Fair veterinarian.


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