Understanding Bloat In Dogs

Understanding Bloat In Dogs.jpg

Bloat (gastric dilatation volvulus) is a life-threatening emergency. Affected dogs need immediate veterinary intervention to prevent death. The problem occurs when there is an accumulation of gas, liquid, and/or food inside the stomach causing it to bloat. As the stomach continues to expand in size and becomes bloated, there is an increased risk of the stomach rotating out of its normal orientation and twisting off.

As the stomach rotates, its contents are unable to move out of the stomach and into the intestines, which can have fatal consequences without prompt treatment. When the stomach is dilated, it exerts a compressive action on major blood vessels in the abdomen which can lead to shock.

Dogs with GDV need to undergo emergency surgery to improve the prognosis and increase the chance of survival.

Certain breeds of dogs are more predisposed for GDV than other dogs. These include Great Danes, German Shepherds, Standard Poodles, and other giant breeds of dogs with deep chests. The condition has also been occasionally diagnosed in smaller breeds. Learn more from animal hospital Covington, GA clicks the given link.



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