Why Your Cat Scratches on the Bedroom Door

Image result for Why Your Cat Scratches on the Bedroom Door

Sharing your bedroom with your cat may sound like a great idea, but in reality, it usually ends up being a nightmare. That’s why so many people make the choice to shut the bedroom door. But, that just means your cat ends up scratching at the door!

It makes sense that a cat would scratch on the door, at least right at first. If your feline friend is used to being able to come and go from the bedroom when he feels like it, he isn’t going to be happy when he discovers he can’t.

Even after your cat gets used to having the door shut, he may still scratch on it from time to time. If you decide to sleep in on the weekend, he may wake you up. He may also end up scratching on the door if he runs out of food or water!

Your vet Ashburn, VA can help you eliminate this behavior.


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