Keeping your dog safe in your yard

Image result for Keeping your dog safe in your yard

Your dog spends a lot of time in your backyard, and he relishes the time he can spend in the great outdoors. This makes you want to offer this space to him as often as you can. How can you keep him safe while he is spending time outside?

Your pet needs you to remove any potential hazards from this area. This could include sharp garden tools, small toys he could choke on, or toxic plants he may become a bit too interested in. Give him plenty of shaded areas to keep him out of the elements, and be sure to offer lots of fresh, clean water, particularly on warmer days. Also consider how you will contain your pet and keep him from leaving your yard unaccompanied. Every backyard will be different, so take into account the unique areas of your outdoor space and adjust them accordingly. For more information, please contact your local McHenry, IL vet.


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