Hypoglycemia in Bombay Cats

Hypoglycemia in Bombay Cats

Did you know that hypoglycemia can occur in all breeds of cats including your Bombay? Hypoglycemia occurs when your cat’s blood sugar level or glucose level is abnormally low. When this happens your cat may have a sudden decrease in energy, change in appetite, appear weak, restless, or confused. The condition is often the result of too much insulin. However, it is not always caused by this. Experts have found that hypoglycemia can often be the result of an underlying health problem. For instance, a cat’s brain needs a constant supply of glucose in order to function. An underlying illness could be preventing this from happening, which in turn triggers hypoglycemia. If your cat is diabetic, you especially want to watch for signs and symptoms, but non-diabetic cats should be monitored as well. Hypoglycemia always requires immediate vet care. To learn more about this disease and how to treat it, contact your experienced vets Indianapolis IN.


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