Diagnosing and Treating Feline Diabetes in Bombay Cats

Diagnosing and Treating Feline Diabetes in Bombay Cats


Does your Bombay cat have diabetes?  If so, make sure you keep your cat on routine vet visits and monitor his blood sugar levels regularly. You may also want to talk with your vet more in depth about the disease and ways to treat it long term. Feline diabetes is usually more common in breeds like the Burmese; however, it has been documented in several other breeds. Symptoms of feline diabetes may include an increased appetite, weight loss, increased urination, and increased water consumption. Be sure to tell your vet if your Bombay cat has any of these symptoms. To determine if your cat has diabetes, your vet may conduct a physical exam, and run blood work and a urinary analysis. In most cases abnormally high levels of sugar will be present in both blood and urine. Your vet Indianapolis, IN may recommend a treatment plan using include insulin injections, oral medications and dietary changes for your cat. For more information, you can visit website http://noahsveterinarygeist.com/.


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