Creating a Chore Schedule for Your Cat

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A lot goes into caring for a cat. If you’re forgetful, or you’re entrusting other family members to all or a portion of your cat’s care, it’s important that everyone remembers to do their job. The best way to make sure everyone’s on top of their chores is to create a chore schedule.

Using a calendar or a whiteboard, outline all the chores that need to be completed. From feeding and watering the cat to scooping the litter box and brushing your feline friend, by writing it all down on a calendar, everyone will remember what needs to be done.

It also helps if chores rotate. For example, if it’s your week to feed the cat, you don’t want to forget! For more tips on making sure everyone does their part to take care of the cat, visit with your vet White Rock, TX.


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