Getting Your Cat Used to a Kennel

Cat’s aren’t kennel trained like dogs are. As a matter of fact, it’s not a good idea to shut your cat away in a kennel during the day or overnight like you might with a dog, but that doesn’t mean a little training isn’t helpful. Getting your cat used to the kennel is a great way to make your trip to the vet’s office more pleasant!

The trick is to leave the kennel out so it’s something your cat can get used to. Leaving it out with the door open all the time is the best choice. You may even discover that your cat likes to curl up for a nap inside the crate every once in a while!

If you don’t want to leave the kennel out, at least make sure you bring it out a week or two before your appointment. Your vet Indianapolis, IN can provide you with more tips. More details here:


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