When to Start Treating Your Cat for Fleas and Ticks in the Spring

No pet parent wants to discover that their feline friend is covered in fleas, because that means your home will soon become infested. Ticks can be bad too, if only because they’re nasty. The key is to cover your pet with the right medication, but when should you give it to your cat?

It’s always best to administer flea and tick medication throughout the year, even during the colder months. Fleas are hardy little creatures, which means they can easily find their way through your front door, even in the coldest temperatures.

However, if you choose not to medicate your cat all year long, at least make sure you start as soon as the temperatures rise above freezing. Continue medicating your cat until the first hard freeze arrives.

For more flea and tick medication advice, click here, or call your vet Greenwood, IN.


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