What are the Signs of Epilepsy in Hairy-footed Gerbils

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Epilepsy can occur in 20 to 40% of gerbils of all breeds including Hairy-footed gerbils. Your vet can tell you that most seizures occurring in gerbils are not fatal and do not typically have lasting effects. Some of the seizures may even go unnoticed. Signs of epilepsy may occur around the time your gerbil reaches puberty (i.e. 2 to 3 months of age). The frequency and severity of the seizures will generally subside around six months of age. Mild episodes may involve trance like behavior and excessive twitching of the ears and whiskers. Severe epileptic episodes may involve convulsions, stiffening muscles and even jerking of the body. If your gerbil is having any of these symptoms call your vet. If possible, try moving your gerbil away from anything that may cause him harm during a seizure. Once the seizure passes, report back to your vet Somerville, MA and follow treatment instructions. Click here to know more details. http://cambridgevet.com/.

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