Fatty Liver Disease in the Ocicat

Image result for Fatty Liver Disease in the Ocicat

Fatty liver disease is a common illness found in felines like the Ocicat. The disease is also known as Hepatic Lipidosis and affects primarily middle aged cats. Fatty liver disease can be genetic or a symptom of an underlying condition. The disease comes into play when large amounts of fat are deposited into a cat’s liver. This can happen because of malnutrition and undernourishment. It can also happen as a result of diseases that cause severe weight loss. As a result, his body will transfer fat reserves to the liver to be converted into the proteins needed for energy. A cat’s liver is unable to handle this large amount of fat and may become swollen. In addition, you may see a yellowing of the cat’s eyes. If you see this symptoms in your Ocicat call your vet Somerville, MA right away to schedule an exam.


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