Cats and Apartments

Cats and Apartments

Cats make great pets for apartment dwellers since they can stay inside all the time. They take up very little room and seem to adapt well to inside living. However, before bringing a cat home, check your lease. Some landlords absolutely forbid pets while others will limit the number or size of pets. You may need to pay a security deposit or a little extra in your monthly rent. Set up a litter box and an eating/drinking station in separate hours since most cats don’t like these two functions close together. Give her a bed and provide access to areas of your home where your cat can create lairs to hide or nap. A window perch is a welcome addition. Leave your cat plenty of toys to play with while you are away. Consider asking a friend or neighbor to stop by if you will be away for long periods of time. Learn more from your experienced vets Jacksonville Beach FL.

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