Litter Training Of Pet Rabbits

Image result for training rabbits

Did you know that rabbits can be litter-trained? Flexibility and persistence are very important when training your pet rabbit to use the litter box. Keep in mind that rabbits like to do their business in several spots, so make sure to use this knowledge to your advantage during litter training.

Choosing a good type of litter that is indicated for rabbits is also equally important. An ideal litter should possess good absorbent quality because the stench of a rabbit’s urine can be quite overpowering. The litter material should also be safe for your pet because rabbits tend to lie down on their litter and may try nibbling some of it.

You should steer clear of clumping litter, pine wood, cedar shavings, or clay because they are known to be potentially toxic to rabbits.

Some pet owners use rabbit pellets as litter because they are cheaper than most types of litter material; they are also safe for rabbits. But the downside is that the rabbit may eat the pellets, which means consuming more calories than what they really need, thus increasing their risk for piling on the pounds.

Your Louisville, CO veterinarian is an important source of information when it comes to your pet’s dietary needs.


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