Keep Harmful Chemicals Away from British Shorthairs

Keep Harmful Chemicals Away from British Shorthairs

Keeping cleaning solutions and other harmful chemicals out of your British Shorthairs reach can help prevent accidents and emergency trips to the vet. Think of your cat as a child. If you have children in your home then you’re probably very careful where you keep your cleaners. You may even keep them behind locked doors. This is a good idea if you have cats as well. However, if your British Shorthair accidentally gets cleaner in his eye, call your vet right away. Your vet may advise you to flush the cat’s eye with fresh water in order to prevent any type of burn or chemical damage. If possible, refer to the cleaning label and inform your vet about the chemicals in the solution. You should also bring the cleaner with you to the office. Your veterinarians Pickerington, OH may have you call poison control for treatment options as well.


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