How to Measure a Boxer’s Age in People Years

Did you know that a dog’s age is not the same in people years? If you own a dog like the Boxer than you may be wondering just how old he really is. As a general rule of thumb, one dog year is equal to seven human years. Dogs of all breeds including the Boxer age faster than humans, which is why one dog year equals so many human years. However, dogs mature more quickly than children in the first few years. With this in mind, experts believe that a dog’s first year is equivalent to 15 human years. A dog’s breed and size should be taken into account as well. For instance, at the age of 7 a small dog is considered to be 44 in human years while a medium dog is 47 and a large dog is 50. If you want to learn more about your Boxer’s age, consult with your veterinary clinic Frisco, TX.


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