Different Causes for Diabetes in Affenpinschers

Diabetes can cause harm in canines like the Affenpinscher in much the same way the disease effects people. Typical cases of diabetes occur in older dogs, obese dogs and female dogs. However, young, healthy dogs have also been known to develop the disease. Diabetes can have a variety of causes including obesity, gender and age all of which are categorized as genetic predisposition. In addition, it is also believed that some dogs may develop diabetes due to various hormone therapies. For instance, female dogs that are being given medications to control heat cycles appear to be at a greater risk. Pancreatitis is also said to cause diabetes. Research shows that immune system disorders and viral diseases may be contributing factors too. Although diabetes is a common, research does show that only one in 400 dogs have full blown diabetes. If you’re worried about your Affenpinscher getting diabetes, talk with your vet Plano, TX. See details here: http://planotxvets.com/


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