Are You Bringing Home Another Cat? – Tips For A Smoother Introduction

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A cat that’s left alone during the day can easily get bored and they tend to find ways to entertain themselves. More often than not, they engage in undesirable behavior just so they could have an avenue to vent out excess energy.

How about bringing another kitty home? Your resident cat will surely be happy to have someone to play and interact with. Get another cat that’s younger than your resident cat because it’s easier to introduce a younger cat than an adult one. Also, younger cats have an easier time adjusting to new surroundings and they have higher chances of getting along with a resident cat that’s older.

Prepare a room where the new cat will stay in for the first couple of days. He needs enough time and space to get used to the new sights, sounds, and smells of his new home. Don’t let the resident cat into the room, but he can stay right outside the door so they can be familiar with each other’s scents. Initial interactions should be gradual and supervised to avoid aggressive behavior. And make sure to take your cats to your Carteret County, NC veterinarian for regular wellness checks.


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