Your dog has fleas. What should you do?

Image result for Your dog has fleas. What should you do?

Your dog is an important part of your family, and caring for her is a big part of your life. You recently found out she has fleas. How can you help her?

If you are positive that fleas are the issue, find a product that will get rid of them as soon as you can. You should make sure the product will take care of both adult fleas as well as their larvae, and be sure to follow the directions exactly. You will then need to go through your home and clean everything, vacuuming everything you can, and washing everything you can in hot water. Pay particular attention to your pet’s belongings, as this is likely where fleas will concentrate. You should also take the time to further evaluate if more action is needed, and look into preventative methods for the future. For more information, please contact your local London, ON vet.


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