Can You Take Your Cat To The Groomer?

Can You Take Your Cat To The Groomer

Your cat has been in your care for a while now, and you do your best to care for her grooming needs as best you can. However, they can be a bit challenging. How can you help her stay comfortable?

While many cat owners care for their pet’s grooming needs on their own, there are plenty of others who bring their little fur balls into the groomers. This is particularly true when it comes to longhaired cats or adventurous pets. Groomers can handle matted and tangled fur or remove difficult items from your pet’s fur, like tree sap. It is also common for longhaired cats to have their fur trimmed down to a more manageable length for their pet owners to care for at home. Your local Orangevale, CA veterinarian can help you care for the pets in your home.


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