Summer Temperatures And Your Pet

Summer Temperatures And Your PetYour pet loves spending time outside, and the summer season offers her some additional opportunities to do so. However, each season brings specific hazards along with it, with summer being no exception. How can you keep an eye out for these?

To keep your pet out of trouble in the summer time, think about the things that change. The temperature rises, so making sure your pet is able to stay cool and hydrated is important. You are likely spending more time outdoors, so be sure that your pet is getting enough downtime so he can rest as much as he needs to. Also, consider how air conditioning impacts your pet’s favorite space, as he might be a bit too cool if he is near vents. Gardening and other outdoor activities may bring with them hazardous items that will need to be kept out of your pet’s reach. Your local Lafayette, LA veterinarian can offer additional guidance.


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