Keeping Your Older Dog Comfortable in Your Home

Keeping Your Older Dog Comfortable in Your Home

As your dog ages, he may suffer from some mobility issues. He may have some incontinence and experience difficulty keeping warm. He may also have sensory issues and have problems seeing or hearing. Check with a medical professional to insure none of these problems require treatment. Otherwise you need to adapt your home and household routine to keep your older dog comfortable. Consider installing ramps and skid-proof mats to help your dog get around easier. Anticipate when your dog needs to go outside and act promptly. Give your dog a nice, warm bed and a blanket to keep warm. Raise the bed a bit on a platform so your dog is above the cold floor. Make sure you get your dog’s attention before giving him any commands. Most importantly, treat your older dog with kindness and patience. Never punish or yell at your dog for age-related behavior. Learn more from your local animal hospital Springdale ON.


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