Feeding Baby Cornish Cross Chicks

Cornish Cross Chicks

During the spring and summer months many farm owners decide to expand their flocks by adding new baby chicks. If you’ve recently added baby Cornish Cross chicks to your flock then you may be wondering what you want to feed them. Talk with your vet to find out what he recommends before starting your search. Your vet may recommend a common starter feed, which is basically a mash containing proteins and nutrients to help the little chicks grow. You will want to keep the chicks on this for the first few weeks of their life. It is not recommended to give baby chicks any kind of treats or regular grain as this will not provide them with the nutrients needed to grow. It is vitally important for your chicks to have access to fresh, clean water as well. Be prepared to change out the water several times a day. For more details, call your licensed vets Marietta, GA.


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