Can My Aegean Catch My Cold?

If you’re not feeling well then you may want to think twice about crashing on the couch or bed and curling up with your favorite feline friend. Why? Turns out, it may be possible for your cat to catch your cold. Cats like the Aegean can actually catch a cold from people. Dogs can only catch a cold from other dogs; however, it’s much different for cats. The cold virus can actually attach itself to cells in the respiratory tract of your Aegean similar to the way it does in humans. This makes cats susceptible to human colds. As a rule of thumb, make it a habit to wash your hands before and after handling your pet to avoid spreading germs. If you have a cold and notice your cat looks ill too give your vet a call and schedule a check-up. Keeping your cat up to date with visits to the vet services Colorado Springs, CO can help ensure his overall health as well.


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