What Are Hybrid Dogs?

Hybrid dogs are popularly called ‘designer dogs’. They are the offspring when two purebred dogs are mated under a setup referred to as “controlled breeding”. Unlike mutts or mongrels, the parents of hybrid dogs are purebred and breeding was deliberately undertaken in order to create offspring that possess the positive traits of two distinct breeds of dogs.

However, there is no assurance that the result of breeding two purebred dogs will be the same each time. It is for this reason that not all designer dogs are genetically 50% of each breed. Only the first generation hybrid offspring are 50/50. Also, there is really no guarantee that the offspring will possess the desired trait that the breeding program wishes to be replicated.

Designer dogs are priced way higher than mixed breeds and non-purebred dogs; in fact, they can be as expensive as purebreds. And some can be more expensive than purebreds!

Hybrid dogs will need their vaccinations up-to-date just like any other dog. Make sure to take your pet to your best pet clinic Tomball, TX.


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