Private Versus Commercial Day Care Centers

Doggie daycare facilities are run by either private entities or commercial establishments. Considering the pros and cons of each type will help you choose which setup will work best for you and your pet. These facilities are perfect answers for pet owners who are out most of the day and leave their dogs home alone.

Private doggie daycare

These types of facilities are usually in-home, and run by private individuals. They are much cheaper, and the number of dogs being cared for at a given time is limited. If you have a shy dog, this setup may be an ideal option for him. The home environment is perfect for your dog’s confidence; there are also more opportunities for human-to-dog contact.

Commercial doggie daycare

Daycare facilities that are run commercially may accommodate from 10-20 dogs from different households at a given time. The setup offers more opportunities for your pooch to socialize with humans and other dogs. Most have a daily regimen that are designed to keep dogs busy playing outdoors and interacting with their ‘classmates’ and the daycare staff.

Reputable facilities are often manned by employees who have received proper training and experience in dealing with aggressive behavior and other common canine problems. Also, these facilities have standing arrangements with a local vet care Tomball, TX in the event of emergencies.


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