Why your cat may hide that she’s not feeling well

Why your cat may hide that she_s not feeling well

Your cat is a wonderful companion, and you feel that you share a pretty close bond. However, you aren’t able to know everything about her, and there are some things she wants to keep to herself. This includes when she isn’t feeling well.

This desire stems from her wild roots, when her ancestors didn’t know when they were being watched by a predator. Appearing strong at all times was essential so they didn’t become targeted. However, now that your pet lives in the comfort of your home, this likely means that you won’t notice symptoms of sickness in her right away. You will need to be vigilant in order to give her the care she needs and deserves, even if she is a bit hesitant to let you in on how she’s really feeling. For additional information, please contact your local animal hospital Rochester NY.


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