Spraying in Cats

Cat parents may have to deal with their cat’s spraying habit at one time or another. Most cats overcome the habit but may engage in it when stressed. Spray marking may also be exhibited by intact male cats as well as female cats that are in heat. Neutering and spaying have been observed to stop the habit within 2 weeks after the procedure. But there are a small percentage of male cats (about 10%) and female cats (about 5%) that continue engaging in the habit, an issue that can be dealt with using appropriate treatment interventions.

Urine spraying is actually a type of olfactory signaling. Cats engage in it for a variety of reasons, like announcing sexual availability, claiming territory, and asserting dominance. The behavior can also be exhibited when a cat is stressed or frustrated, especially when they have issues with other cats. However, the behavior can also be manifested when a cat is frustrated with his humans.

You should seek professional help from your Champion Forest, TX  veterinarian if you are dealing with any undesirable pet behavior.


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