Introducing a Second Cat to your Household

Introducing a Second Cat to your Household

You may want a second cat for yourself or to keep your resident cat company. These two cats could become lifelong buddies starting with a careful introduction. Set up a litter box, eating/feeding station, bedding and toys in a separate room for your new cat. This allows for a gradual introduction. Start by feeding your cats at the same time on opposite sides of the door. Thus they can smell each other and associate the other cat with good things. Switch up the toys and bedding so they start accepting the other cat’s presence. Put your resident cat in another room and allow the new cat to explore the rest of your home. And allow your resident cat to explore the new cat’s domain. Start opening the door gradually so the cats can check each other out. If all goes well, they should accept the presence of the other. Read the complete article at the given link.


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