Why Your Dog Eats Grass

Some dogs eat grass whenever they get the chance and others just grab a few blades here and there. This grass is believed to relieve a sour stomach by making your dog vomit. However, some believe that the grass is what upsets your dog’s stomach to begin with. Other dogs may eat grass to make up for missing nutrients in the diet. And sometimes dogs eat grass because it tastes good or they are bored and have nothing better to do. To prevent your dog from eating grass, don’t give him access. Keep a tight rein on the leash so your dog doesn’t wander off during walks to grab a grass snack. Don’t leave your dog in the yard alone for long periods of time. Protect your dog by preventing him from eating any grass treated with pesticides or fertilizers. Try to use dog-safe products instead. For more information, contact your vet Westminster, CO.


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