Keeping your cat safe

Keeping your cat safeYour cat is a big part of your life, and she relies on you to keep her safe. However, you know that there are things she comes across that will cause her to feel the exact opposite. How can you prevent her from coming across potential hazards?

Your cat needs you to be very aware of what is in your living space, and how you can enjoy your time with her. The more vigilant you are when supervising and interacting with her, the more hazards you will become aware of as you will see what she is drawn to. Consider removing small items she could ingest or choke on from her reach, in addition to toxic items, sharp items, and things she could become entangled within. Also, be sure to thoroughly block off spaces she shouldn’t be getting into. For additional information, please contact your local vet Carmel, IN or Noah’s Animal Hospital – Carmel.


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