Secondhand Smoke and Your Cat

Secondhand Smoke and Your CatSecondhand smoke is dangerous and can cause respiratory issues and even cancer. If smoking is allowed in your home, your cat is at risk for these problems as are any people who enter your home. This becomes even worse because your indoor cat has no way to escape the smoke. In addition to airborne smoke, the smoke and its associated toxins land on your carpet, drapes, furniture, bedding, etc. Every time your cat walks around or lies down she can absorb these toxins. And your cat will ingest the toxins whenever she grooms herself. Thus the best thing for your cat (and you) is to keep your home smoke-free. Stop smoking or make sure people leave the house to smoke. If this is impossible, take care to regularly and thoroughly clean all surfaces your cat touches and air out the home. Learn more from your veterinary clinic Cherry Hill, NJ or Collingswood Veterinary Hospital.


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