How does Gingivitis Occur in Himalayan Cats?

Gingivitis can develop in your Himalayan cat because of a lack in oral hygiene and care. Feeding your cat a healthy diet that includes crunchy morsels or snacks can help break down food, plaque and tartar build up on the teeth, which are primary causes of gingivitis. Routine teeth cleanings can also help keep gingivitis at bay. Gingivitis can cause inflammation and irritation to your cat’s teeth and cause a great deal of discomfort for her as well. The main causes of gingivitis can be treated and even prevented. With this in mind, your vet may suggest cleaning your cat’s teeth at home on a routine basis.  Additional causes of gingivitis that aren’t so preventable include old age, crooked teeth, crowded teeth, breathing through the mouth, bad chewing habits, uremia and diabetes, and autoimmune disease such as FeLV and FIV. To learn more, please call your veterinary clinic Carmel, IN.

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