How Your Cat Can Cause Trouble in the Bathroom

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Cats are pretty easygoing animals, mostly because they spend so much time sleeping! However, that doesn’t mean they can’t cause some trouble when they finally wake up.

Cats can be especially troublesome in the bathroom. First, because they love to unroll the toilet paper! To help prevent your cat from covering the halls in toilet paper, reverse the way you lay the roll.

Felines don’t like water, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t fascinated by it! If you leave the toilet seat up, you shouldn’t be surprised to discover your cat playing in the water. This can cause even more trouble if there’s a tissue in the bowl!

Cats can learn how to open drawers and cabinets. Child locks can prevent this, or you can just make sure not to leave anything troublesome in those drawers, like Q-tips.

To learn more, visit with your vet Greenwood, IN.


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