Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears

Image result for Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears

Your ears are somewhat self-cleaning. However, you need to check your dog’s ears frequently for evidence of cuts, abrasion or infection that may need medical attention. Your may notice redness or swelling and excessive, dark-colored wax or other debris. Your dog may also scratch his ears a lot or rub them on the carpet. The ears may be painful if you touch them close to the head. Otherwise you can clean your dog’s ears about twice a month. Start cleaning your dog’s ears when he is young so this important grooming task becomes routine. Pour some dog-safe ear rinse into your dog’s ears and use the earflap to distribute the fluid and loosen any debris. Use cotton balls to remove the debris and dry the ears. You can use cotton swabs but don’t reach in any further than you can see so you don’t injure the ear canal. Learn more from your Orangevale, CA veterinary clinic.


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